Disrupted Journey Grant

Disrupted Journey Grant

This is a Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) competition funded by Innovate UK.

The aim of the competition is to develop an accessible and inclusive focussed solution, physical or digital, to support transport users when a journey is disrupted.

Your solution must support a targeted user group, listed in the specified themes in the scope section. The user group may experience hesitance or barriers accessing and using the UK’s transport networks. This will enable them to continue their journeys in a safe and comfortable way.

Your solution can, taking into consideration the users needs and preference:

  • minimise or remove any discomfort by providing interim support for possible disruption
  • make available one or more alternative ways to complete the journey
  • return back to the starting point of the journey

The preferred solution must allow journeys to continue as closely as possible to the original plan. It must match the user requirements, whilst minimising the effort, discomfort and anxiety for the traveller.

We welcome solutions which can be used across multiple transportation modes or throughout the whole, door-to-door, journey

We encourage the use of independent expert groups to provide user feedback. We recommend this engagement during the application process, and throughout the duration of the project. You must demonstrate the end users need for the solution.

Disrupted Journey Grant

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