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Smart Grants Open Now 2021

The next SMART Grant deadline is the 26th of May 2021.

What you need to know about Smart Grants

Who can apply for Smart Grants?

Any UK company can apply for Smart Grants, from any business sector. The Smart Grant is more about your game changing innovation and how it will benefit its users.

How much is the Smart Grant?

Smart Grants range from £25k to £500k. And for collaborative projects funds are even greater with £500k to £2 million. With up to 70% of eligible project costs funded by the Smart Grant.

What type of projects are suitable for the Smart Grants?

Think: Game changing, radical, fast to commercialise with the right support. It can be a product, service or a process. It could also be something that was way ahead of its competitors or alternatives.

How do I apply for a Smart Grant?

As you can imagine with such generous grants, comes a lot of competition. Your business case and application must be 100% watertight. This is not easy, and most serious applicant seek out professional grant writing help. Our grant writers know how to position your case and have the benefit of writing hundreds of previous Smart Grant applications. You won't get a second chance, so please contact us - as below and we will see if you're a suitable candidate for a Smart Grant.

The SMART program is open to all industry sectors.


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