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For limited companies with 5-500 employees. Loss or profit making. 

R&D Overview

  • Average claim £56k
  • Simple process, average claim time 2 months
  • Fully managed service, you will not need to deal with HMRC
  • Claim for staff & sub contractor costs, capital expenditure, materials, failed projects, travel expenses and more
  • Loss or profit making 5+ employees, circa £400k+ turnover
  • Your costs multiplied by 130%

Business Eligibility

  • Manufacturers, engineering companies - all types
  • Food & drink industry
  • Health & beauty sector
  • Bespoke computer coding/development, CRM configuration, bespoke hardware or software integrations
  • Professional services, architects, building design consultants
  • Construction sector - all sizes

What are R&D Tax Credits?

The UK government incentivises small businesses to overcome technical challenges in the work that they do. Only by overcoming technical barriers and challenges can businesses grow and thrive – therefore benefitting the wider economy.

Latest R&D Tax Credit Data from HMRC external link.

You do not need to be re-inventing the wheel to claim R&D tax credits...

Latest Wins

1 k
Engineering Company Coventry

This small engineering company were unaware that 15% of their work fell under R&D. Until we came along. We did our homework & presented their case to HMRC. Find out if you’re eligible right now. Or you too could be missing out – not only on the last 2 years but on future years too. Get started.

1 k
Skincare company Kidderminster

This well respected small beauty company is passionate about natural skincare products. It has been testing out new products, overcoming challenges, outsourcing tests, investing in specialist equipment, failing and trying again for over 10 years. And all this time they could have been claiming R&D tax credits. They have missed out on £000’s. Don’t you be a company that sits on the fence. We’ll assess your situation quickly and succinctly. Get started.

1 k
clothing manufacturer birmingham

Proudly manufacturing garments in Birmingham for over 75 years. This innovative company faced stock control and capacity problems but were determined to find innovative solutions. After much trial and error they found their Eureka moment and ta-dah, we helped them claim back £75k from HMRC. Hurrah. Ooh and next year looks even better. Don’t sit on the fence. Find out if you can claim. Get started.

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R&D claims by region UK HMRC data
UK R&D Tax Credit Claims by UK Region
R&D tax credits data by business size uk
UK R&D Tax Credit Claims by Company Size [SME in Green]

Source: HM Revenue & Customs Research and Development Tax Credits Statistics October 2019. External link to source 

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