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Herefordshire Grants

For small businesses who trade minimum 80% business to business. The business must have been trading for over 6 months.

Herefordshire Areas Covered

For small businesses 1-249 employees. Must be 80% business to business.

Not suitable for non profits, franchises or businesses less than 6 months old.

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Spend on Capital Equipment

Get 50% towards capital equipment costs [grants under £100k]

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Spend on Marketing

Get 50% towards websites, brochures, marketing material, marketing services [excludes advert costs]

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Spend on Refurbishments

Get 50% towards internal refurbishment costs for your new office or warehouse.

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Spend on Service

Get 50% towards IP, IT specialist support and more.[Excludes coaching]

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Not For

Cannot be used to pay internal staff, or business as usual type cost.


Eligible Areas

Herefordshire Areas

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