Business Grants

How Business Grants Work

There are hundreds of business grants available for small businesses. Most are aimed at established businesses with a trading history. At 123 Grants we help established small businesses trading as limited companies source relevant business grants. 

This will depend on the criteria of the grant. 123 Grants work side by side with grant administrators and will be able to advise when you contact us. Established limited companies – over 2 years old only please.

123 Grants does not charge a fee for finding business grants for established limited companies. We will happily update you with details of the latest business grants.

If you would like help applying for the grant. 

Enquire here

Good question. First of all get in early! We don’t like it when our clients miss grant deadlines. There is a knock on effect with this. Often large grant amounts are allocated to early applicants which means…you’ve guessed it, funds can dry up much sooner than anticipated. This either means: no money left for other suitable applicants, or much smaller grants. So get in early.

Of course. But it’s a tangled web. Most grantors [grant administrators] know of our grant ‘match making’ service so make us aware of the grants first.

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