Help with business grants

Need help Finding or Applying for a Business Grant?

We’ve helped over 1000 small businesses find and apply for business grants. Including manufacturers, service businesses and new businesses who are trading. [not pre-starts].

Having worked in a number of government business support roles – we know what grant holders are looking for.

It’s a messy, complex landscape. Let us simplify it so that you can focus on business growth.

Our 123 Grants Priority Member service gives you advanced notice of upcoming relevant grants, so that you can plan and prepare with additional funding in mind.

Finding business grants and assessing if you’re eligible is a time consuming business. We can help. Find out about becoming a 123 Grants Priority Member. Hear about the most relevant grants and other government initiatives.

Introductory offer £99 per annum. After offer £199 per annum.
Includes initial 1-2-1 online meeting to understand more about your company.

Please note we do not accept pre-start up businesses for this service as we don’t want you waiting around for grants when you should be getting on with your business. In addition most grants for new businesses prefer to see the business in operation. 

Found a business grant you wish to apply for and need some objective input? We can help. We offer a grant review service* on a no win no fee basis for just £250. If you don’t win the grant, you don’t need to pay. 

*Excludes Innovate UK or research grants.
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