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Manufacturing Grants – Latest

Did you know there’s whole host of business grants open right now to help manufacturing businesses?

If you’ve never applied for a grant before, don’t worry we can help.

Are there any grants for UK manufacturers?

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Yes there are a number of grants available for UK based manufacturers. They range from £2500 right up to £50m+. A typical grant for an SME manufacturing company can help with buying new machinery or kit. Or perhaps you are developing new ways of working. Grants can help with innovative projects too.

How do grants work?

how do grants work

A grant will have specific criteria. The criteria is based on the overall economic strategic objectives of the grant. If you meet the grant criteria, this may make you eligible; but it does not mean you will automatically get the grant. There’s a lot of competition, some grants become oversubscribed very quickly. Our tip would be to apply early. We can help assess if you’re likely to meet the criteria and assist you applying too.

What will the grant pay for?

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All grants are centred around projects; as opposed to ‘business as usual’. Are you moving, expanding, creating jobs, adding or improving a new product or similar? This is an excellent time to reach out to 123 Grants, speak to our grant manufacturing specialist and let them create a fresh grant report for you. The report will highlight exactly what’s available, deadlines, amounts, percentage of grant available towards your project and more. Should you require any help with applying for the grant our manufacturing grant specialist will be able to help here too.

Manufacturing grants enquiry 

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