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IT Project Grants

For small businesses trading for over 2 years. 5-500 employees.

Help is available when applying for this grant.

IT Areas Covered

  • Hardware costs
  • Specialist IT projects
  • Software costs
  • Capital costs
  • Integration costs
  • Specialist consultancy
  • Custom coding
  • Licenses [annual]
  • Cyber security validation
  • Certification

For small businesses 5-500 employees. All sectors.

Suitable for limited companies. Profit or non profit making.

grants for it

Spend on IT Projects

Money towards project costs

grants for it

Spend on Processes

Grant money towards improving business processes

grants for it

Spend on Cyber Security

Grant money towards the cost of implementing, testing and/or validating cyber security projects

grants for it

Consultancy Fees

Grant funding towards external IT consultancy fees

grants for it

Staff Wages

R&D tax credits towards internal staff costs including sub contractors and material costs

grants for it


Both IT grants and R&D tax credits must relate to specific projects. 123 Grants will help you assess eligibility for both

grants for it

5-500 Employees

Both IT grants and R&D tax credits applicable to companies with a minimum 5 employees, maximum 500


Eligible Areas

UK Wide

Grants for IT | R&D Tax Credits for IT Companies and IT Related Projects
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