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Business Grant funds benefits*

Use for upcoming costs only. Staff costs not covered.

  • New process costs
  • Machinery [not leased]
  • Capital equipment [not leased]
  • Intellectual Property
  • Energy saving costs
  • Business improvement costs
  • Marketing [but not paid ads]
  • Training
  • Consultancy
  • You must match the grant with your own funding, percentages vary

*Grant criteria varies. Each grant has its own criteria we will advise more upon registration. 

R&D tax credits benefits

Use for retrospective costs – claim money back now. Staff & contractor wages and fees can be reclaimed. No restrictions on how you spend the tax credit rebate from HMRC. Many businesses use it to reduce their corporation tax and early stage businesses take the cash as a refund.

  • Can be claimed each & every year if relevant
  • Last 2 open tax years for first claim
  • Not linked to job creation
  • Fast tracked with HMRC, priority service provider
  • Average claim £56k per annum

Commercial property capital allowances benefits

Use for retrospective costs – claim money back now.

  • One off claim
  • Use it or lose it
  • For all types of commercial property worth over £500k
  • Full survey completed by us
  • Refund within weeks, priority service provider
  • Claim back £50K+

Why use 123 Grants

1. We’re here to find ALL the suitable business benefits for you. We’re independent.

2. We speak plain English. You know what we mean!

3. Only a selection of the business grants available are published here on our website. So do get in touch so that we can explore all of your options.

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