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how do grants work

About Business Grants

Grants for established businesses who are looking to grow their business or innovate. Grants can fund new machinery, moving premises, marketing costs, licences and much more. Each grant is different and will have varying criteria. If you are creating jobs, please enquire with us now. Nothing can be claimed for retrospectively with a grant. A grant is for future business growth projects.

123 Grants offers a free grant finding service to established UK businesses who have 4+ employees. [not non profits or charities]

If you know you are moving, expanding or about to embark on a project[s] to grow your business, and/or if you are taking on staff, please get in touch now.

If you leave looking for a grant until the last minute, you will find that you will need to spend the money on your project before the grant process is complete [can take 4 weeks to 4+ months].

You cannot claim any costs retrospectively with business grants.

Grant criteria and what you can spend the money on varies. We will advise when we find suitable grants. 

R&D tax credits example

About R&D Tax Credits

Billions are already set aside by the treasury for UK businesses to claim. Ask for a free R&D assessment. We know what makes a successful R&D claim. Unlike grants, with R&D tax credits, claims can be made retrospectively. We can go back over the last 2 tax years, and also every year thereafter. You can choose to take a reduction in your income tax liability or a cash refund. It's your money. It's up to you.

  • Bespoke software integration
  • Creating new recipes
  • Designing technically challenging solutions
  • Most manufacturing processes – we pinpoint where the R&D is
  • Overcoming technical challenges to find solutions
  • Trail and error – failed projects count too
  • Staff costs
  • Sub contractor costs
  • Materials cost
  • Machinery costs
  • Licence costs
  • Some travel expenses
  • and more…
capital allowances

About Embedded Capital Allowances

A generous government incentive that rewards UK businesses for investing in commercial property. Once we've carried out our in-depth survey on the property and apportioned costs; which under the scheme are accelerated, you can expect a tax rebate and reduced tax for the following periods. 90% of eligible commercial property owners have not claimed. Make sure you don't miss out. This is a no brainer.

  • Over £500k
  • Bought anytime
  • Cannot be in a pension 
  • Can belong to an individual or a company so long as they are a UK tax payer

Your accountant will have claimed for some items. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We manage the service for you and our in-depth survey will allow us to cost up all of the embedded items such as

  • Heating
  • Security and similar installations
  • Lifts
  • Fire alarms
  • Anything that has a high intrinsic value and would not fall out of the building – should it be turned upside down!
  • Amounts are accelerated in accordance with the guidelines
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