All you need to know about business grants

You may be eligible for a business grant. If you meet the grant criteria you should apply. Your grant application will the be assessed by the grant holders.

There are several aspects to getting a business grant. Starting with finding a grant that your business type may be eligible for. 

You may have come across a business grant, however there will be others that you are unaware of, as the grant landscape is complex. 

It’s good to get the whole picture. We recently helped a regional brewery apply for a 100k grant, when they thought they’d only be eligible to apply for a 20k grant. It’s our business to know which is the best grant option for you.

Our grant match  making  service is free. Our grant writing service is chargeable. It’s an optional service. Grant writing service here


Some grants are sector specific, for example manufacturing or retail. Some grants are available for start ups or pre start ups. The grants come from various sources and that’s why there is no one size fits all. For example a grant available to a business in Yorkshire may not be available to a similar business in Birmingham. Some grants are regional, national or international. They all have different criteria which was agreed when the funding was given to them.

Grants can range from a few hundred pounds to tens of thousands of pounds. You will almost always be expected to match fund the grant.

For example you may have a project that is going to cost you £50,000, you would be expected to pay up to 50% of this yourself with the remainder being paid to you via the grant.

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