Commercial Property Capital Allowances

How Commercial Property Capital Allowances Work

If you are buying or selling a commercial property and are wondering if you can claim capital allowances on your existing property or the property you are about to buy – PLEASE CONTACT Clare right NOW 0121 293 1197. Failure to do so can cost you tens of thousands of pounds, more in many cases. Plus there may be adverse legal implications.

Any type of business can claim capital allowances on embedded items in your commercial property. Providing the building is used for commercial purposes [does not need to be 100%]. The building needs to have a purchase price of over £500k and must not be part of a pension.

No. We can go back decades. So please do get in touch. Importantly; as this is a one off claim, if you sell your property and you haven’t made your claim, the next owner may do so. Potentially you could be handing over thousands of pounds in capital allowance tax credits without even realising it. And who can afford to do that!

Our team work thoroughly and swiftly. With your co-operation you can receive funds back from HMRC in a few weeks.

Claim values vary dependant on property values and embedded items added to the property, and also the type of tax payer you are. For example: a high rate tax payer can expects a higher percentage.

Get in touch and we can give you an estimate based on similar claims.

Your accountant may have claimed capital allowances on some items but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Our costing surveyor will complete a full, in-depth on-site survey that will uncover a significant sum for a successful commercial property capital allowance claim.

If you are an accountant, by all means contact us here.

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