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We help small businesses claim back everything they should be claiming back, but are too busy to do so. Get started now. 

Services For Established Businesses Over 2 Years Old with 5+ employees

R&D Tax Credits

Discover what is and what isn't eligible for R&D Tax Credits with our free initial assessment. For limited companies over 2 years old. Average claim £56k.

Commercial Property Tax Credits

If you own a commercial property worth over £500k we can help you re-claim £000's in tax. You can claim now - even if you bought the property many years ago. If you don't claim, you will lose out.

Land Remediation tax Credits

If you've had to spend money on cleaning up potentially toxic land or buildings we can help you claim back tax credits from HMRC.

Bill Validation

Mistakes cost money. Energy suppliers make lots of mistakes, which means you may be losing lots of money. We offer a free bill validation service. Our software will highlight anything that shouldn't be there.

Patent Box

Claim back and dramatically reduce tax paid on the profits from your patented products.

Over 1000 Small Businesses Helped

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